I haven't blogged in a long time. There are so many things to say, so many topics that I think about. But words just don't flow at times. Regular work keeps me away from blogging too. But mostly it's my habit of procrastinating that is to be blamed.  

Anyway I do feel that I should blog more often so that I can hone my writing skills.

In order to do that I have decided to create themes for each day of a week. This will help me to streamline my thoughts and stick to specific ideas based on a theme instead of getting overwhelmed by the gamut of ideas. My basic aim is to write at least one blog per week. Even if it is just one line.

So here are my weekday blog themes:

Moody Mondays - As the name suggests, mood reflector
Bookish Tuesdays - Everything related to writing, literature & reading.
Foodie Wednesdays - Recipes or reviews or general rant about my love for food!
Random Thursdays - Relationships, current news, movies, etc. etc.
Happy Fridays - Something happy or funny, a joke, video, gif, image, anything
Surprise Weekends - For the days when I feel like blogging even on weekends

Let's see how my attempt to write more pans out. Fingers crossed. 


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