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Why we want things to change yet remain the same?

The title of this blog-post was going to be 'The thing about nostalgia.' But I have already written so much on nostalgia that I decided to change it.  So lately, I have been on Casey Neistat Vlogs marathon (perks of being jobless, I guess?). He is a very popular New York based Youtuber and for the right reasons. In this particular vlog , Casey and his wife are in Cuba and they talk about how beautiful the place is. Old buildings, old cars, quirky walls, slow pace of life and very few people glued on their mobile phones. Basically everything that a 'tourist' from a big city  like New York would love.  Then I read this comment below the video: It made me think. Whenever I think about visiting my grandparent's house in our village, I think about the wood-smoked tea or the little jewellery shop where they have mattresses laid out in the shop for customers to sit or the vegetable barter system .  My mom has been to the village a few times in the last

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