Moody Mondays!

Till yesterday morning I was looking forward to resume work from Monday after spending the last 5 days being sick. But the day got ruined due to the usual drama around 'Do you want to get married or not??' I am so sick of this. Nonetheless the end of my weekend was a stressful one and I woke up with that the same stress today. So my mood is blue. Not because it is Monday but because of my parents.

I feel most of my Mondays suck because on Sunday the whole family is at home, which results in a round of interrogation, humiliation, stress, drama, fights. Oh lord, save me!!

Anyway, on the same note here's the link of 'Shit Indian Parents say to get Kids Hitched' that's helping me to feel that I am not alone. I have heard them all!

QuackQuack dating site's Facebook campaign #HappilySingle

Hope you are having a better day than me. Adios!


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