Book Review - Butterfly Season by Natasha Ahmed

Book Review -  Butterfly Season by Natasha Ahmed
Published - 2014 by Indireads
Rating- 3/5

I have read only a handful of eBooks as I am partial towards paperbacks and don't want them to die. :D Butterfly Season by Natasha Ahmed is one of the few eBooks that I have given a try and I was surprised how thoroughly enjoyable the experience was. 

I accomplished my many 'firsts' with this book. First book by a Pakistani author, first novella, first eBook that I enjoyed, first book that I read on my smartphone and first book that I finished reading in just 4 hours!!

Back to the review- Butterfly Season is Rumi and Ahad's love story.  Rumi is a traditional Pakistani woman who is torn between the archaic views dictated by the society and her own liberal thoughts. She is smart but years of social conditioning acts as a roadblock in her life choices. Whereas, Ahad is a London bred Pakistani who is suave, successful and a free spirit. His upbringing is devoid of any orthodox society rules and hence he believes that everyone should live life on their terms.  Poles apart? Yes! But they meet, thanks to Rumi's friend Mahira and then sparks fly. Rumi and Ahad, both are surprised by the intensity of their feelings for each other. Add society diktats to the already existing dilemma and what you get is an explosion waiting to happen.

The chemistry between Rumi and Ahad is very convincing, natural and beautiful. It is hard to put the book down without finishing it. In between forced breaks that I had to take, I kept thinking about Rumi and Ahad and what's next for them. What's great is both the central characters are well in their 30s as opposed to the age group presented in most romantic books. The writer has stayed away from dramatizing and over romanticizing love, premarital sex and life in general. I like how issues are dealt practically and that there is always a character, be it Mahira, Rumi's mother, Ahad or Faizan, who is there to call out 'Stop your bullshit'! Not out loud of course but in subtle ways. 

The book offered me an insight on Pakistan and made me realize that people in India and Pakistan are not that different after-all. :) Butterfly season reminded me of Mills and Boons too as mentioned by another reviewer. 

Great job Natasha Ahmed!

P.S. - I kept picturing Ahad as Fawad Khan, the Pakistani Actor. :D Only recently Pakistani television shows are being aired here in India. And I loved Zindagi Gulzar Hain, in which Fawad played the role of Zaroon. That's why I guess I am fixated with him. :D


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