Happy Fridays! - Being Real

My nature of being real & honest along with an emphasis on constantly communicating and expecting the same from people causes inconvenience to many. This is why my social circle is small, which I don't mind at all.  It never bothered me as long as people close to me appreciate it. 

But recently when my friendship with an old school friend ended, it made me think that is being real and expecting the same from people wrong or too much to ask? For weeks, I kept thinking and wondering why for some lying is always the first option, no matter how big or small the situation is.  I really wanted to introspect to find out if I was doing something wrong.

Then yesterday something nice happened which made me very happy. :)

A friend messaged me saying how much she likes me because 'you are real.' It was a very unexpected and random message. The message was long with many other good things written about me but I don't want to brag. Hahaha

Being real is good for your soul

Now, who doesn't like compliments? But I don't fish for them and get very awkward when someone says nice things about me. Although, this time the compliment of being real felt like a message from God/Higher Power above that always takes care of me. It was a message for me to not question myself and continue being real & honest no matter how much it bothers people. 

I have flaws, yes. Many. And I will keep working on them to become a better person. But being honest and expecting the same from others is definitely not one of those flaws. And I am never going to change that about myself.  

On that positive and happy note, have a great weekend! :)

 *Image source: royalhappiness.com



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