Goodbye 2014.. Welcome 2015!

I am late! Yes I know. It's been two weeks since New Years' and my 'very predictable' post about this is late. But that's my trademark. Punctuality is not my forte and I am not very proud of that. :D Anyway better late than never. Here I go...

2014 just went by. And 2015 just entered. This calls for a post that makes us analyze and introspect the year gone by. Very cliched but fun. Many things happened, didn't happen, some realizations and some fun moments summed up 2014 for me. 

 I got my life's first ever birthday surprise in 2014!! That was new for me as I didn't expected it even in my wildest dreams. It was arranged by my school friend. And my love, brother and her husband participated in the surprise too. So sweet of my friend. :)

I didn't complete my Goodread's 2014 Challenge. :P I managed to read 41 books out of the target 50. This year again my challenge is to read 50 books. :D

I went on a long drive after ages!! Me and few friends drove to a lake situated on the outskirts of my city. And it was relaxing and beautiful. :)

Got rid of several delusions about friendships & romantic relationships. In the bargain became wiser and calmer. :)

Didn't lose weight. :P

Gained weight. :P :D :P

Resolve to respect my Self-Respect became even more stronger as it was tested this year courtesy my school friend. 

For the first time in my life I had made a plan to celebrate 31st December with my love as parents were going out of town. But weather played a spoilsport and their trip got delayed. It was sad as well as amusing. :D The divine spirit sitting up there had fun on our expense I suppose. Hahaha

That's all I can remember for now but I am sure many more things happened that made me either sad or happy. Let's see what 2015 has in store for me... 



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