Buying wine for the first time

A friend of mine is getting married tomorrow. After intensively thinking for a long time, I decided I'll buy a bottle of wine as a wedding gift. Three reasons: A) I don't know what he needs, B) I don't want to gift something that he won't use/like and C) He has an active social life (read: drinking/parties). 

Image source: Serge Esteve

I don't drink alcohol. So I have no idea which wines are great and which aren't. Therefore, I asked the wine shop owner to recommend me some wines within my budget. He said 'Ren Pinotage' is the best wine. It's a wine from South Africa. Since, I have no clue I decided to trust that man and buy it. 

Immediately after buying, I started thinking (read: over-thinking) that I made the wrong choice (like always). Three reasons: A) I noticed the same brand's bottles were lined up at the payment counter (no other wines) so I think they were actively trying to promote/sell it B) When I asked for other options he showed me bottles that were 6 times more costlier than Ren and well beyond my budget, which was weird because I clearly told him my budget, and C) I should have bought an European wine from France or Italy. 

So now I'm really stressed about whether my friend would like the wine I bought for him or not as I badly wanted to give him something that he enjoys.  

That was my first wine buying experience. Not so smooth as you can read. 


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