My Aunt's Neighbour - Nostalgia #2

In one of my previous posts about Nostalgia, I expressed my desire to revisit some memories that evokes strong emotions in me and are special. Click here to read the Nostalgia series


Ms. Grace wore sarees similar to this. Source:
I was used to meeting women who were coy, traditional and docile whenever I visited my villages in UP. So I expected the same during my visit to Jaunpur. But my aunt's neighbour (let's call her Ms. Grace) surprised me. 

Ms. Grace is one of the most elegant women I have ever met in my life. Always dressed in the most beautiful cotton, silk sarees, with delicate work, ironed crisp and draped perfectly that made her look sophisticated. She spoke such flawless hindi that made me admire her more. (I always admire people with great communication skills, be it any language.) I still remember her impeccable posture, warm smile and generous nature.
Ms. Grace wore sarees similar to this. Source:
She had two daughters; both poles apart. The elder one was simple and soft spoken. Whereas the younger one was outspoken and gregarious. What amazed me most was the younger one's short hair. She had what was called as 'boy cut' then. Basically a pixie cut. This was rare because girls after basic schooling were always expected to have good long hair. And short hair was considered 'not girly enough' and rebellious. I am talking about 20 years back! So it was surprising to see someone with this short hair in a non-metro city. This in turn made me admire her mother more as it proved that she was sorted, wise and not a subscriber of conventional norms.
One distinct memory during my stay is of the day when Ms. Grace fell down the stairs while talking to me. One day, when she probably realized that I am in awe of her, she invited me to her house. I tagged along happily and was excited to finally see her beautiful house.  She was animatedly chatting with me and looked please to have an attentive audience in me when she slipped and fell down her stairs. Her eldest daughter helped her up and I ran to call her younger daughter who was in my aunt's house.

She was in pain but didn't scream or made a scene. I also felt guilty because I felt she met with that accident because of me. She sensed my thoughts I suppose and hence asked me to sit next to her. She requested her house help to get something to drink & eat for me. And made me feel at home and continued her stories as if nothing had happened. :)


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