Soothing Symphony of Snoring

There it starts again,
Like a tractor's engine,
My boring husband's,
Loud snoring.

Oh God! Can't you make it stop?
First one to get up,
Last one to finish,
Don't I deserve a peaceful sleep?

After ocean full of thoughts,
And counting from 1 to a lot.
I snooze,
But not for long.

What do I hear? Nothing!
No tractor, not the dreadful engine.
I thank the Lord for making it stop,
As that's what I really want.

But a brief relief turns into horror.
In a matter of minutes, 
I am gripped by terror.
Is he fine? Why isn't he snoring?

Growing Old in Love! <3 (Image Source: Up - 2009 movie)
He did had a health scare. 
But the doctor said he is alright.
I asked him not to eat that burger,
Don't he know that it hurts his heart?

With a prayer on my lips,
And hope in my heart,
I open my eyes,
And turn to his side.

I touch his arm, warm it is.
I reach for his nose, to see if he exhales.
Before I could reach, he grunts and rolls.
I heave a sign of relief and joy reaches my soul.

Oh God, never make it stop.
For it's a sign that he is next to me.
I will take the noise and din,
Over lonely silence any day. 

So there it goes again,
Like a tractor's engine,
My loving husband's,
Soothing snoring.


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