Weird but Tasty!

During one of my outings over the weekend, I was aghast to see my friend dipping French fries in her milkshake and gulping it down!! She went on to explain how it may seem weird but tastes yum! Though after several urges we didn’t really dip French fries in our shakes (You see, none of us like wasting precious French fries when we can indulge on them guilt-free only on Weekends!) but we did end up discussing weird food combos that each of us love. 

Turns out, many of us savour bizarre combos that might look unappetizing to others. So here goes my list:

  • Adding roasted salted peanuts in Chicken Sweet Corn Soup
  • Preparing Maggi with Sambhar Masala, in addition to the tastemaker
  • Chicken Fried Rice with restaurant style Dal Fry/Tadka
  • Britannia Marie Biscuits with Jam (like a sandwich)
  • Dunking Chakli in Milky Ginger Tea 
  • Strawberry yoghurt with Salted Boondi.

These weird experimentation has led me in discovering something unique quite often.  It works perfectly for me as I love food. I love eating. I love cooking. Some other mishmash that I have heard are Honey and Eggplant, Banana and Mayonnaise, Carrots and Ketchup! Clearly I am not alone! :D

Going off the track, but my mother shared this interesting thing with me which goes with this ‘weird but tasty food combos’. She said, back in our native place, local tea stall owners add Parle Kismi Toffee to thicken their tea, which also gives it a distinct taste.

How innovative, right? :D


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