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Book- The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks
Published (ebook) -September, 2013
Rating - 2.5/5

The review was originally posted on on 29th November, 2013.

 Excerpt from my review -  

'Two parallel love stories run within the story: About Ira & Ruth – Sophia & Luke.
Ira is a ninety-one year old widow, who is trapped in his car as he was involved in a car accident. Frail and seriously injured, Ira has no hope that he will survive the ordeal. But what gives him the much needed strength to pull through is his wife, Ruth. While caged in his car, he reminisces his one and only love, Ruth with whom he went on the longest & adventurous ride of his life.

On the other hand, Sophia and Luke’s world are like South Pole and North Pole. Sophia is a sorority girl studying Art History. Luke is a cowboy, and a professional bull rider who lives with his mom on a ranch. What were the chances that their paths will cross? But they do and none of them expected what followed next.

Two different couples, two different stories but a twist of fate connects them eventually. The book takes us through the journey of Ira and Ruth’s more than five decades of togetherness. And through the lives of Sophia and Luke, who hopelessly and quickly fall in love against all odds, which surprises them too.'

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