Simple things - Immense satisfaction..

Simple things that gives me immense satisfaction like:

1. Scraping every bit of tender coconut after sipping nariyal pani..

Scene from movie - Amelie
2. Inserting fingers in the sack of grains..

3. Passing by vegetables/fruits market and gazing at fresh produce..

4. Popping bubble wrap..

5. The moment when I realize it was just a dreadful dream..

6. Going through scribbled notes on the last page of my 15 year old notebook..

7. Sitting on the first seat on the top section of a double-decker bus and allowing showers of rain to wash down my face..

8. Walking to college/school and being informed about an unexpected holiday.. :D

9. Baking the PERFECT brown, evenly cooked moist cake after several trails and error..

10. Replicating a dish that tastes exactly like the one I had in an expensive restaurant..

11. Lip reading someone.. :D

12. Reading old chats..

13. Finding an old picture..

14. Scratching an itch.. :P

15. Unwrapping gifts..

16. Lounging in a book store..

17. Finding something that I had assumed was lost..

18. Deja vu..

19. Day dreaming..

20. At times, doing nothing..

21. Smearing Fevicol gum paste on the palms and then peeling it off..

22. Licking chocolate wrapper..

23. Looking at abandoned old buildings/houses..

24. Walking through a flower nursery..

25. Watching sunset.. 

26. Sale sign.. :D

27. Receiving a hand-written letter or note..

28. Finding a tree with purple flowers..

29. Standing in the middle of greenery..

30. Getting wet in rain..

31. Taking away (not stealing :P) mini shampoo, lotions, soaps from hotels.. :D

32.  Receiving text that states, 'Payment has been deposited in your account' :D

33. Finding a candy unexpectedly lying in the deepest corner of my bag..

34. Long drives..


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